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Merit HLC C3

For my merit badge I decided to do the Home Learning Challenge C3, titled "Teach a family member how to use an ICT tool that they are unfamiliar with (like the Flip, Google docs or a specific App)". I taught her how to use a feature called Emoticons (or Emojis) as I thought that would benefit her the most, as she loves to post and text alot of her friends and had always been asking about what those tiny pictures in the text bubble meant.
First I walked her through how to use the emojis, showing her that it was as easy as tapping the smiley face picture on the keyboard. She was shocked to see so many little pictures across her keyboard and immediately told me "how do I get rid of it, it's too much on my eyes".
After she got used to the emoji keyboard, I showed her the other categories of emojis and he was even more shocked discovering that you can scroll down them to see even more of them. I showed her the "happy" emoji and the "sad" emoji along with some other staple emojis. I even ended up showing her some food emojis and she ended up adding some emojis to her facebook posts later.
Then I showed her stickers, found in most texting apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp. I told her that you could download even more stickers and use them.
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