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Merit Care Values 3

Run Bike Run

This Wednesday we had the Run Bike Run, which was a very fun and exciting event this year. Alongside some things I had to do for my role, I had a lot of fun. Most of the event we were just sitting down talking or playing the games ran by the House Captains, which was a game of French Cricket. But the special part was during the races, when you either ran, biked or both. My group was called "Run, Bike, Lose" and in it we had Emily doing the first run, Milan doing the biking and Me doing the last run which was considerably shorter than the first run. I think our team did great in trying our best as when Emily finished her run, she looked very puffed and when Milan finished biking, she too looked tired, and when I had to run, even though it was shorter, felt drained. Our efforts were not ignored though as we came second overall in the teams races for the year 7's and 8's. Beaten by Tr'e, Soulin and Brayden. I think the Care Value I showed at this even was Community, as I didn't leave any rubbish behind and it was all in my bag.


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Alternative NZ Flags

I think that the flag should stay the same as we have now. There is no point in spending millions of money just to change the flag. So what if our flag kinda looks like the Australian flag. Soon our notes will end up looking like Australian notes. But if we would be changing flags my favourite one would be the second one.

Probability Reflective Blogpost

In Maths we have been learning to:

compare and describe the variation between theoretical and experimental distributions in situations that involve elements of chance.

calculate probabilities, using fractions, percentages, and ratios.

Here is a link to our online modelling book that supports this learning.

Here is some evidence of my learning. Include screenshots for all 4 of the IXL activities. Link to extended abstract text book activity ( make this link live with your learning) or include some images if you did this work in your Maths book. Link to Extended abstract Figure it out activities ( Make this link live with your learning)

Rough Justice Slater Mazes Text Book Activity
My next step is to continue to apply my knowledge of statistics and probability in a variety of real world situations and contexts.

Current Events Term 1

Current Events Term 1
In Current Events I covered these topics: The design of the Halswell Skate Park and I made a submission to the council. Donald Trump’s Refugee Plan Christchurch Earth Memorial The new Ngā Puna Wai Sports Facility The Red Zone and Avon River Regeneration Plan with a submission to the council.
My favourite topic was Donald Trump's Refugee Ban because it was very interesting to me because of the recent political issues about Donald Trump recently.
Hereis a link to my learning on the Red Zone and Avon River Regeneration Plan.
The Reading National Standards I have achieved are (delete the ones that are not relevant) Year 9/10 As I read I can make decisions about the usefulness of the text for the purpose - Eg: by using a variety of criteria to evaluate