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Excellence Care Values 10

On Friday in the middle block we usually have something where we do things, like there is a buddy programme and then there is a gardening programme, but the one I am in is Gamification, where you basically code and create a mini game. We started off at the start of the term using a programme called GameFroot, but it didn't really work well so instead we used scratch, which I found much easier. Mr Ladbrook now gives a series of challenges which we had to compete for and if we won we would win a prize. Last week we had to make a pong game and this week we had to make a platformer. Most people used Gamefroot for this but Jacob, Noah, Jak and I used scratch to try and do it. Mine had a landscape and clouds everywhere that moved side to side while they tried to get as high as you could. It half worked but the character could jump infinitely and it was very weird. The leadership quality I used was resilience because at the start I didn't really understand how the variables tab worke…

Excellence Care Values 9

Two weeks ago at technology we had Textiles and Design, in the session half of the class was away since they were at South West Zones so it was very quiet. When we first got there we watched a video about how life and technology was changing society and changing the amount of jobs in the world and Mrs Paterson asked us how we felt about that. The she gave us a competition to see who could thread the sewing machine the fastest. Jacob and I came fourth in that since we threaded the whole machine instead of just the thread and not the bobbin. Then since I wasn't feeling like doing my project since I wasn't really getting that much done I decided to just paint on denim. My painting started off with a mountain and a ski lodge at the top with a ski lift carrying everyone up. But then they ran out of white paint so I couldn't paint anymore mountains. The leadership value I showed and the care value I showed was Active Thinking since I instead tried painting on denim to take a bre…

Excellence HLC C6

For the Home learning challenge C6 Give to families in need: Find a way to help those in need (food or clothes collection for Salvation Army etc) my Mother and I went to the salvation army and donated clothing and shoes to them.

Excellence Care Values 8

At student council we took our next steps to making our ice cream day happen. We learnt that the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) had planned a massive sausage sizzle on the exact same day so we had to decide whether or not we were gonna cancel, in the end we ended up postponing the ice cream day and moving it to a later date which has not been decided yet. We decided on buying the small individual tubs and we had to figure out if they included spoons, and after some emails, we figured out that there was indeed spoons included with the tub. We then looked at the prices and did calculations to find out how much money we would pay and how much we would gain from an estimate, these were our calculations and they are probably not correct: Prices

If we bought 9 cartons of 125ml 24 pottles:
For each flavor
$1.14 per pottle excluding GST
$1.31 per pottle including GST

If we bought 648 pottles:
For all flavors
$849.56 including GST
$738.72 excluding GST

$771.12 for $2.50
$1095.12 for $…

Excellence Care Values 7

At student council we met and changed some aspects of the Ice Cream Day. Mrs Trotter came in and questioned us about some aspects about the day that she didn't think would work like "what do we do with the leftovers?", "How many people will buy it?", "What happens if we give them too much choice?", "How much would they pay for the ice cream?", "What day will it be on?"
We all discussed all these questions and changed aspects accordingly. We ended up deciding on three flavours which were Double Chocolate, Boysenberry Ripple and Vanilla instead of the 8 we had before. The day we also decided on was Tuesday the 26th of September, which was on the last week of the term as it would be hotter than the rest of the term since it was closer to summer. We also decided on how we would see how much people would buy it by creating an order form, where all the students had to order their ice cream ahead of time and we asked the year 6's to c…

Excellence Care Values 6

Student Council

At student council we met and decided on what would be our main focus for term 3 and 4. We all decided it would be an ice cream day and all the profits would go to the Salvation Army. We decided on company we would be buying from which was Deep South. We also had to decide on a date which would fit with the schedule. We decided on things like spoons, what kind of cartons we would be getting like 4l, 6l or in the small individual tubs and what flavours, we decided on about 8 of them. We also assigned Brook to contact the salvation army and we got Melahkye to contact Deep South and find out the pricing. We also got the year 4 and 5 and 6's to make posters for the day. The leadership quality and care value I showed was active thinking as we had to think of all the aspects of the day.

Excellence Care Values 5

Getting InvolvedAt school we recently have been putting up the volleyball net at break so we could play some volleyball during morning tea and lunch, setting up the volleyball net is pretty easy and the playing is fun. Usually at lunch the year 7 and 8's get involved with volleyball and we have a lot of fun playing, most of the time we don't get into disagreements and it's usually a game between Boys and Girls or Year 7's and Year 8's. We don't actually play proper volleyball though, we allow double touches, we allow it to go over the net in one hit and we also don't serve to save more time. The learner quality I show is integrity, because we give everyone a fair chance and the care value I showed was respect since we don't damage the volleyball equipment.

Excellence Student Leader 5

for our Wellington Trip we had to fundraise in multiple ways like selling chocolates and bacon. But a major fundraising event was the quiz night, which all the head leaders had to help out at. One of our jobs was to actually give out answers which were sold for $2 each and they could get a maximum of 5. We had to also help out at the mystery wine auction where 7 wine bottles wrapped up in newspaper were being auctioned off for an amount of money. We had to walk around the hall with the wine bottles in our hands showing people who wanted to take a look at it, but we couldn't let them touch it or get near it. Another job we had was collecting the answers where people waved their hands up in the air and we collected it from them. A learning quality I used was integrity because I gave everyone a fair chance at looking at the wine. The care values I showed was respect as I wasn't disrespectful to the guests there.

Excellence Care Values 4

Last Thursday we had to go to technology at Lincoln Primary School. The pentad I am currently in is textiles and design. My plan was to originally sew a big banana plushie but I'm not very good at sewing so I just tried to make things with clay. My figure I was gonna make was a hot dog

I did most of the figure but halfway I figured out that the head wasn't looking too much like a dog so I let Milan try and reshape it but she figured out it didn't look too much like a dog at all either. So we tried to reshape it. Then  we figured out that we didn't have any colour for the bun, so we tried mixing multiple colours together. It didn't really work out since the clay was so hard it didn't work. Then we hd to go to Mandarin and we revisited some words we did before. The learner quality I showed was resilience because I kept on trying to sew the banana plushie but it didn't really ever work. The care value I showed was excellence because I kept trying to do it.

Excellence Student Leader 4

This term the student leaders are going to be painting a chorus box as a kind of legacy project. We went through many stages and we also met with someone from the city council called Val. She told us about what we had to do in order for it to look nice and we went through designs and we chose Jacinta's one. Her design had an Oaklands logo on it made up by the leaves of a kauri tree. I also submitted a design, where Halswell was in the middle of a bunch of designs. We have planned to paint the chorus box on Wednesday. The care value I showed was excellence because I submitted a design for the chorus box.

Apply Standard Form, significant figures, rounding and decimal place value..

Decimal Place Value
I found this task pretty easy aside from when you had to figure out how many zeroes had to go in to the number or when you had to convert the number into standard form.