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Asttle Writing

My Asttle Writing Results

Mr Hillary Numeracy Session 2

Walt: Solve + and - using the algorithm strategy
So What:

Mr H Numeracy Session

Walt: Solve + and - by place value
So What:

Air Force Museum Trip

What: We had a visit to the air force museum.
So What: The most interesting part was learning about how planes work because we learned alit of new stuff like how wings actually lift the plane.


What: We have been learning about ANZAC day and how people commemorate the day.
So What: I've learnt that ANZAC day is public holiday in Nz. ANZAC stands ford Australia New Zealand Army Corps. On the 25 of April 1914 the troops landed at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. We celebrate ANZAC day by Remembering the troops that died in the war (Mainly Gallipoli). 2,431 people died from Nz in the war and 7,571 casualties. 50% of men from Nz went to war.
Photo Of  ANZAC Explanation Plan: