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Peace poem

Spread our peace

Peace not war as we go on board to spread our peace with others, we sail across the pacific ocean to spread our peace with others, not far away there is a new country where we can expand our peace with others, we don't want war to ruin our world so start spreading peace with others, as we spread our peace the world becomes better, the warfare will die when you decide to unfold your peace with others.

Perspective art

The cursed pumpkin part 1

The cursed pumpkin village


"Bring me 1 pumpkin, 5 mice and 2 sticks"said the fairy god mother. So Cinderella ventured out to gather the resources. The outside was a ghost town. It was always dark outside so they never knew when it was morning or night. But what they did know was demons hanged out in this town. She open her phone and opened an app. She felt a sudden pain. She looked down at her clothes. It was red. She was sure that she was wearing red when she left. She looked down at her phone. It said YOU ARE DEAD.
                      To be continued

My Brainstorm

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