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Merit Care Values1

Being a positive role model at Oaklands
This week I tried being a positive role model and I think I did pretty well in trying. I role modeled putting gear back once you're done with them and being nice to others by saying hi or including them. One aspect I don't think I role modeled well was getting involved since I just sat in a circle a lot and didn't get that involved. Things I think I did very well was generally being nice to others and making new friends and talking quietly to the person next to me on the bus. I think the Care value I showed this week was Respect as what I mainly role modeled was respecting others and being kind to everyone.

Merit Student Leader 1

Student Leader
This week for my role, we had an assembly hosted by the student leaders, which included me in it. We all had a speaking role in the assembly which included the Head Peer Mediators and Head PALs. For my speaking role I had to call up Mr Rule to assist us with the our school waiata. The Care Value I think I was showing was Excellence because I'm not really comfortable with Public Speaking and I just got up there and got it over and done with.

Merit HLC R3

For my merit badge I did Home Learning Challenge R3 which was Create a movie/digital presentation of how the Oaklands CARE values are used by students at our school. As you can see, I used a digital presentation for the challenge and I really like what I put together. It took me alot of time (I think approximately about 180 minutes to do) and I used the CARE matrix as a guide for some of the text in the slides.

Merit HLC A9

My Home Learning Challenge For my merit badge, I did the home learning challenge A9, which was to make a song using garage band. Since I use Windows I didn't have GarageBand so I used the Windows equivalent which was basically the exact same. Basically what I did was download some audio tracks from some websites online and put some of the audio tracks together to create the song verses. This took me about 3 hours to do and it was pretty challenging as I didn't have a vision of what it would sound like when I started, I think it sounds great.