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Ma'a nonu Art

What: To draw a self portrait of Ma'a Nonu.
So What: We had to draw a self portrait of Ma'a Nonu. We had to draw the shape of the head. Then we had to draw the eyes, mouth and nose. Then we drew hair.
Now What: I can improve by making the shading better.

The Egg sitting challenge.

Why do we do this "egg sitting challenge"?: So we will be ready to be a Caregiver/Parent Why do we use an egg?: 1. Because it's fragile 2. Because it's basically like a baby


What: Create A graph to show information.
So what: Thing I have that makes my pie chart accurate: I have a title for my chart. I have got a key for my chart and I got the right fractions. Now what: Make the fractions more accurate, use different graphs.

Room 10 2015

My favourite things in Room 10.
1. SML. Where we can choose work to do. 2. Rockets and interceptors. A fitness game. 3.Hoop Ball. A fitness game.