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My Favourite Book Of Term 1

A Game Of Thrones - By George R. R. Martin
The story is set in the medieval ages in the fictional continents Westeros and Essos, and told through multiple perspectives in each chapter. One of the perspectives is of the Stark family who are the main family of House Stark, located in the fort Winterfell, the lord Ed Stark is called to be the Kings Hand as the previous one had been slain, which is basically the bodyguard of the king. A member of the Stark family, Jon Snow is taken to a place called the wall, which is a big wall made of ice where they keep all the people that commit minor crimes. The wall is the only place that separates them from the north, where it is infested with dangerous undead beings called white walkers. In Essos which is the continent split from Westeros by the Narrow Sea, a woman called Daenerys, part of House Targaryen, is sold off to a leader of the Dothraki, called Khal Drogo by her brother Viserys in-exchange for some men for his army. The story snowballs f…

Current Events Term 1

Current Events Term 1
In Current Events I covered these topics: The design of the Halswell Skate Park and I made a submission to the council. Donald Trump’s Refugee Plan Christchurch Earth Memorial The new Ngā Puna Wai Sports Facility The Red Zone and Avon River Regeneration Plan with a submission to the council.
My favourite topic was Donald Trump's Refugee Ban because it was very interesting to me because of the recent political issues about Donald Trump recently.
Hereis a link to my learning on the Red Zone and Avon River Regeneration Plan.
The Reading National Standards I have achieved are (delete the ones that are not relevant) Year 9/10 As I read I can make decisions about the usefulness of the text for the purpose - Eg: by using a variety of criteria to evaluate

Statistics Reflective Blogposts

In Maths we have been learning to:

Evaluate statistical investigations or probability activities undertaken by others including data collection methods, choice of methods and validity of findings.

Here is a link to our online modelling book that supports this learning.

Here is some evidence of my learning. Include screenshots for both of the IXL activities. Link to Future options activity and answer sheet. Link to Social Media For TeensKeep Away From Horses activities and answer sheet. (make this link live with your learning)

A part of this learning that I found challenging was the extended abstract task Keep Away from The Horses as it involved very thorough scanning of the text and comparing the data and quoted statistics with the raw data provided at the bottom of the pdf and some of the questions were very confusing to follow like question 3.

My next step is to continue to apply this knowledge of statistics and probability in a variety of real world situations and contexts.

Excellence Care Values 1


Last week at technology we had a switch in our Pentads so this week we did Design instead of Science. This years order is different, last years order went, Design, Woodwork, Science, Cooking and Then Textiles and then Design again and so on. But this years order goes Design, Cooking, Woodwork, Textiles, Science and so on. Design and Textiles is taught together with Mrs Scott and Mrs Paterson. All we learnt at Design was net making, which is basically what a 3d object would look like if it was folded out and we also learnt how to use the 3d modelling tool Tinkercad's beta. After that we did a general knowledge Kahoot which was challenging and I learnt a lot of things in that Kahoot. I think the Care Values I showed was Active Thinking because I had to use my brain in some of the net making challenges and the Kahoot.

Excellence Student Leader 1

Student Leader 

This week for my role as Deputy Head Boy, we had a leadership meeting about who got their merits and who didn't get them. As I got my Merit last week in Assembly, we get to do the reward game/ activity for leadership as we had done what we had to do for the term which was to get at least our merit. Also for our role, in term 2, the heads and the deputies get to go to this world vision leadership event on the first week of term 2 on Thursday. I think the care values I showed this week was Active Thinking as I was organized and got my Merit quickly.

Novel Study Term 1

Term 1 Novel Study

This term I have been reading and studying the novel  See Ya Simon by David Hill

I found this novel ok because I only really got attached to the characters near the end of the book but the author did a good job concluding the novel, the novel only got interesting halfway through.

During the novel I had to complete two major assessment tasks. The first is an Explain Map which shows the consequences of a major event in the book. The second was a Describe++ Map (Inference map) which shows I how I have connected prior knowledge and other experiences to what I have been reading to make an inference.
Link to Explain Map
Link to Inference Map

National Standard this covers

Year 9/10 Standard
I can monitor my understanding as it develops during my reading, and adjust my strategies to address any comprehension problems Eg: If I don’t understand a passage I have read I can re-read it, read-on, use pictures or diagrams, or explore the meaning of some of the vocabulary.
I can use …

Probability Reflective Blogpost

In Maths we have been learning to:

compare and describe the variation between theoretical and experimental distributions in situations that involve elements of chance.

calculate probabilities, using fractions, percentages, and ratios.

Here is a link to our online modelling book that supports this learning.

Here is some evidence of my learning. Include screenshots for all 4 of the IXL activities. Link to extended abstract text book activity ( make this link live with your learning) or include some images if you did this work in your Maths book. Link to Extended abstract Figure it out activities ( Make this link live with your learning)

Rough Justice Slater Mazes Text Book Activity
My next step is to continue to apply my knowledge of statistics and probability in a variety of real world situations and contexts.

Excellence HLC E9

Link to my Prezi
For my excellence badge, I decided to do the Home Learning Challenge "Research an important person or event in NZ’s history. Present your findings." I decided to use the tool Prezi, which I hadn't used before. Since this was about NZ's history I decided to research Kate Sheppard, who was a women's rights activist. I used a variety of resources including Wikipedia and

Merit Care Values 5

This week on Thursday we had technology and on the penultimate session of science, we had some fun with lego mindstorms, which are robots that you program and do fun things with. We initially started building the lego mindstorms, some people tried to go off by their imagination but Melahkye and I decided to go with an instruction booklet that taught us how to build a basic robot. The building process was pretty easy so we got to programming fairly quickly. We taught our robot how to move in a square so the next challenge would be so it won't go out of the square when moving around. It didn't work that well as there was something wrong with our motor but Natasha and Savannah's worked. I think the care value I showed was Active Thinking as the programming stage was fairly challenging and confusing.

Merit Student Leader 5

Student Leader
This week for my role we had a leadership meeting during Tuesday's read and feed time. It was about what we think is going well, what we are happy about and about what we find very challenging. I said for both of them public speaking, as I think I did well speaking at the Run Bike Run but I still find it challenging. After that we had a sub meeting with the Heads and Deputies about running the Student Council, which as part of the role of Heads and Deputies role. We came up with these ideas - Use a talking Object - Stay on a specific topic - Let everyone share - etc... I think the care value I showed was Active Thinking as we had to spend some time coming up with some ideas about how we would run our meeting.

Games with minimal to no equipment

In PE we have been participating in a variety of games that require little or no equipment. Below is the Matrix which shows our progression in this unit of learning.

The table below shows my understanding of games with minimal or no equipment. (Fill this table in, in as much detail as possible. )
Examples of Games that need minimal or no equipment. What equipment would we usually need to play these games.   Why do we play games with minimal or no equipment? Invisible TouchCaptains ComingTagConesBibsSo we have something to play during break.
My Strengths. Some things that I have done well during this unit of learning are listening to the teachers instructions because I understood how to play when we were playing.
My Next Steps. Some things I could improve on when playing games with minimal or no equipment are getting to the teachers faster so they can get on with their explaining faster Because I usually take a long time to get to the teachers area and it holds up their games.

Leadership Article Blogpost

In writing I have been learning to use a wide range of punctuation appropriately and with increasing accuracy like . , ! ? “”
- colon :
- semi-colon ;
- hyphen -
- parentheses ( )
- brackets [ ]
- ellipses ...

I have been especially focussing on using parentheses and semi-colon. I have highlighted these in green where I have used them as well as other punctuation that I changed because it was used incorrectly. Here is a piece of my writing that shows this.

28/02/17 Key things about being an effective Deputy Head Boy

What is leadership? Well, leadership is the skill of being able to motivate an individual or a group of people towards a goal. There are six leadership traits that we came up with, which are Goal Focused, Motivational, Integrity, Resilient, Active Thinking, Trustworthy. These traits are essential to being an amazing leader, (which that is important for my role as the Deputy Head Boy for 2017). This means that I have to attend the weekly leadership meetings, contribute to the …

Merit Care Values 4

This Thursday for technology we did some things with microscopes. They were microscopes that need to use a slide, which is a thin glass object. First we looked at how to treat and how to use the microscope. Then we drew a diagram of the microscope with labels and everything. Since Melahkye finished the diagram quickly we got to use the slides that the university of Lincoln sent, which had slides that ranged from Male Pines to housefly legs. It was very fascinating and fun. The Care Value I think I used this week was Active Thinking, because it was very fascinating and we had to come up with ideas about why they were like that.

Merit Student Leader 4

Student Leader
This week for my role, since we didn't do anything that related to leadership that week, this is going to be about how I think I role modeled to the students at Oaklands and how I helped and got involved with the Jump Jam held during lunch on the wet days. One example of when I role modeled was when I got involved at breaktimes and how my friends and I tried to stay quiet and did something sensible when it was an inside lunch and morning tea. I also got involved with the jump jam and kind of helped out with it. I helped pack up the hall after Jump Jam was done, etc.... I think I showed the Community value.

Merit HLC R6

For my merit badge, I did the Home Learning Challenge R6, also known as Research a different culture. Find out how their culture differs to yours. Present your findings. Since this was about researching a different culture and how it differ from mine, I chose to use a Venn Diagram as that would be the best way to show the differences and similarities. As you can see, I chose the Cambodian Culture and my culture which is the Indonesian Culture.

Merit Care Values 3

Run Bike Run This Wednesday we had the Run Bike Run, which was a very fun and exciting event this year. Alongside some things I had to do for my role, I had a lot of fun. Most of the event we were just sitting down talking or playing the games ran by the House Captains, which was a game of French Cricket. But the special part was during the races, when you either ran, biked or both. My group was called "Run, Bike, Lose" and in it we had Emily doing the first run, Milan doing the biking and Me doing the last run which was considerably shorter than the first run. I think our team did great in trying our best as when Emily finished her run, she looked very puffed and when Milan finished biking, she too looked tired, and when I had to run, even though it was shorter, felt drained. Our efforts were not ignored though as we came second overall in the teams races for the year 7's and 8's. Beaten by Tr'e, Soulin and Brayden. I think the Care Value I showed at this even w…

Merit HLC C3

For my merit badge I decided to do the Home Learning Challenge C3, titled "Teach a family member how to use an ICT tool that they are unfamiliar with (like the Flip, Google docs or a specific App)". I taught her how to use a feature called Emoticons (or Emojis) as I thought that would benefit her the most, as she loves to post and text alot of her friends and had always been asking about what those tiny pictures in the text bubble meant.
First I walked her through how to use the emojis, showing her that it was as easy as tapping the smiley face picture on the keyboard. She was shocked to see so many little pictures across her keyboard and immediately told me "how do I get rid of it, it's too much on my eyes".
After she got used to the emoji keyboard, I showed her the other categories of emojis and he was even more shocked discovering that you can scroll down them to see even more of them. I showed her the "happy" emoji and the "sad" emoji al…

Merit Student Leader 3

Student Leader This week for my role, I had to contribute to the Run Bike Run by helping out. One of the things I had to do was (along with the Deputy and Head Girl) say a speech about the Run Bike Run. Charlotte talked about the Kauri Whakatauki and trying your best, I talked about Rubbish and the Care Values and Anneke talked about general stuff and opened the Run Bike Run. Another job we had was helping out with the medal ceremony, which had some awkward moments. A privilege we had was free roam around the track, which was mainly used to help out and encourage them in the races. The Care Value I think I showed during this event was Excellence, as alot of us didn't know what to do during the medal ceremony and had to improvise.

Form And Solve Linear And Quadratic Equations | Extended Abstract Task

Painting Triplets "Pania, Henare and Matiu are triplets. Henare can paint a room in 3 hours, Pania can do it in 4 hours, Matiu can do it himself in 6 hours, If they all do it work together but don't get in each other's way, how long will it take to paint the room?"
1hr and 20 mins. The reason why is all of them paints a fraction of the room. p + h + m = 1. Since Matiu can do it in 6 hours, that means Henare can do it in half the time. That means that m/2 = h as it means Henare can do a whole room in half the time Matiu takes. So if Pania takes 4 hours, that means she will always be painting 3/4 of the room, because Henare takes 3 hours to paint the whole room. Henare paints h of the room, Pania paints 3h/4. So Pania is 3h/4. 3h/4 = P. Our whole equation is h + 3h/4 + h/2 = 1 or 9/4h = 1 or h. Which I'm pretty sure equals 4/9. Henare takes 3 hours to do the room on his own. This means that he takes 4/9 of 3 hours with his siblings. Painting the room takes 4/3 of …

Merit Student Leader 2

Student Leader
This week for my role, we had a practice with our roles in leadership with the teacher. We did some public speaking exercises, we had one exercise where we all wrote a subject on a piece of paper and ended up having to talk about a random subject that was given to you for 30 seconds. It was very hard and the subject I ended up getting was "Tigers". Although it was very challenging I think I stuck through and stayed resilient and just did it for 30 seconds, (which was way shorter than it seemed). Another exercise was we all got the same poem and read it out aloud in groups of four to the other student leaders. The care value i think I was showing was Excellence because I stayed resilient and kept going even though Public Speaking isn't my strong point.

Merit Care Values 2

This Thursday when we went to technology. For this pentad, my group is in the science block. For science we learn about the periodic table and the science process. This week we decided to test how far an egg could drop before it would crack. We had four eggs and went up by 5cm every time an egg survived the drop. 2 of the eggs only went up to 10cm before cracking and the 2 other eggs ended up getting to a meter before cracking. After that we ended up making a bar graph showing our results and the average. The care values I think I showed this week was Active Thinking, as we had to use our brains to make a hypothesis and make us think outside the box for when we started dropping eggs.

Merit HLC E6

For my merit badge I did Home Learning Challenge E6 which was Research a career and present your findings.. As you can see, I used a digital presentation for the challenge and I decided to use a comic book theme for the presentation. It took me some time and I used some careers sites to help decide which career to research

Merit Care Values1

Being a positive role model at Oaklands
This week I tried being a positive role model and I think I did pretty well in trying. I role modeled putting gear back once you're done with them and being nice to others by saying hi or including them. One aspect I don't think I role modeled well was getting involved since I just sat in a circle a lot and didn't get that involved. Things I think I did very well was generally being nice to others and making new friends and talking quietly to the person next to me on the bus. I think the Care value I showed this week was Respect as what I mainly role modeled was respecting others and being kind to everyone.

Merit Student Leader 1

Student Leader
This week for my role, we had an assembly hosted by the student leaders, which included me in it. We all had a speaking role in the assembly which included the Head Peer Mediators and Head PALs. For my speaking role I had to call up Mr Rule to assist us with the our school waiata. The Care Value I think I was showing was Excellence because I'm not really comfortable with Public Speaking and I just got up there and got it over and done with.

Merit HLC R3

For my merit badge I did Home Learning Challenge R3 which was Create a movie/digital presentation of how the Oaklands CARE values are used by students at our school. As you can see, I used a digital presentation for the challenge and I really like what I put together. It took me alot of time (I think approximately about 180 minutes to do) and I used the CARE matrix as a guide for some of the text in the slides.

Merit HLC A9

My Home Learning Challenge For my merit badge, I did the home learning challenge A9, which was to make a song using garage band. Since I use Windows I didn't have GarageBand so I used the Windows equivalent which was basically the exact same. Basically what I did was download some audio tracks from some websites online and put some of the audio tracks together to create the song verses. This took me about 3 hours to do and it was pretty challenging as I didn't have a vision of what it would sound like when I started, I think it sounds great.