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WALT: Reason with linear proportions

WALT: Combine simple proportions to work out what parts the whole is made up in a unit
We learnt how to calculate percentage increase and decrease. If you want to calculate percentage increase, you have to find the percentage difference between the two numbers you are comparing and divide the difference by the original number and then times it by 100 and convert that decimal into a percentage. For example: What is the percent of decrease of 16 to 14? The way you would solve this is find the difference between the original number and the new one. 16 - 14 = 2. Divide 2 by 16 which equals 0.125. Multiply that by 100 and it equals 12.5%, So its a 12.5% decrease.
WALT: Combine proportions to work out what parts are whole is made up of using non multiples of 10.

We learnt how to calculate how much the percentage increased or decreased in number. The way I did this was I found the percentage and if it was an increase: added it onto the 100, and if it was a decrease: subtracted it from 100. …

Cantamaths Merit 1

In the middle block just before maths, we usually have a problem solving session. If you're in CantaMaths instead of doing problem solving you do some training. We have a survey with some very hard questions like 
What is the sum of all the whole number factors of 64? Some questions really confused me. I ended up getting a 14/20 questions but the first time I did it I got 7/20 because the answers have to be EXACT.  The leadership quality I think I used resilient because I didn't know much of the answers to the questions

Must Do Merit 1

On Tuesday at Technology, we had our 3rd rotation at science. We learnt about a thing called a gyro scope and how it can keep standing up when it spins. We also learnt about how air pressure works and so next week, we're going to make water rockets next week so I'm very excited.
I think the leadership trait I showed was resilient because I didn't really understand , much of what he was saying.