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Come Together

Art Mural

What: We have been working with Room 1, 2 and 11 to complete our mural for the school.
So What: My group did Buzzy Bee and I was happy about the face and how it turned out.
Now What: I would take out the black mark on the lower left corner of the board and do another coat on the antenna and the ball.

Care Values

The care values I think I am particularly good at is excellence and respect because I can be nice to people. I think I need to work on community by getting involved with other school activity.

Te reo

What: We have been learning about "Te Huarere." The weather in Te reoSo What: We have been learning about how to say temperatures in Maori.  Now What: I still need to work on my pronunciation.

Alternative NZ Flags

I think that the flag should stay the same as we have now. There is no point in spending millions of money just to change the flag. So what if our flag kinda looks like the Australian flag. Soon our notes will end up looking like Australian notes. But if we would be changing flags my favourite one would be the second one.

Stuck Poster

What: We have been learning to use the STUCK poster more effectively in learningSo What: We had to come up with common problems on certain subjects like Reading and then Mr Hillary typed it up. Then we cut them out and stuck them on solutions that would help with the problem. Now What: What is the solution you use the most? I use the Ask A Friend strategy the most

Technology Describe Map

What: We have been learning why things have been invented (Need) and identifying their attributes.So what: Now what: Write your why questions. Why do some chairs have two thick legs instead of four? Why do some desks have a wood support at the bottom? Why do desks have a smooth and flat surface? Why do some desks have drawers on them?

Passion project

What: We have been learning about questioning. We then framed open and closed questions based on my passion project. My topic is Internet.
So What: Type up 2 closed and open questions to show your understanding. Closed: When did they come up with the idea and how long did it take to create.
Open: What was the Internet originally going to be used for.

Co-operative plays / readers theater

What: we worked together in a group to learn and perform a play for the class.
So what: : My role was palace attendant 3, We co operated by voting for who gets what role and if they would do good.
Now what: I could improve on reading more slowly and with a clear voice so everyone can hear me.

Slc Now Whats

Writing: I want to work on my ideas, my order of my story and paragraphs.
Reading: Try not to speak too fast and have a clear voice.
Maths: I want to work on mite complicated uncommon denominator fractions.
Self Awareness: I still need to work on finding the right place to learn and stay focused in learning because I slowly drift away from learning and get caught up in distractions.
I will do this by moving to another spot when distracted.


What: Walt: Describe how text features make reading interesting.
Now what: Try to have a clear voice and pay attention to the commas and full stops.

ANZAC Explanation

ANZAC Explanation

 World War One started in 1914 and ended in 1918. Millions of people died in that war. ANZAC day is a special day where Australians and New Zealanders remember the Kiwi and Australian men and women that died in those wars. Every year since 1915 we have been remembering them. 
Why is ANZAC day remembered?
 ANZAC day is a public and special day when New Zealanders and Australians commemorate those that died in the war. ANZAC day stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps which was created by a post office clerk. Half of the men from New Zealand went to war which affected families all over NZ. First the army went to Apia to get more soldiers, then they went to Cairo for training. Overall 2431 soldiers and 500 nurses died and 7571 got injured from NZ in World War One. 
 How is ANZAC day remembered?
 Every April 25th ANZAC day is remembered in NZ with special ANZAC day memorials and Dawn parades which are held in most NZ towns. Poppies are worn on ANZAC day to…

Wanted Poster

Self Awareness

What: Walt: Be more self aware in our learning and behaviour

So What: I am doing good at choosing the best place to learn and getting the right resources.
Now What: I still need to work on focusing on my learning.

Explain Me Maths

Aviation Plan

WALT: Write an explanation that explains how aviation changed over the years


What: We are learning to write neatly and legibly

So What: I have used effective slope and Size. Now What: What do you still need to work on, I still need to work on writing on the line

Asttle Writing

My Asttle Writing Results

Mr Hillary Numeracy Session 2

Walt: Solve + and - using the algorithm strategy
So What:

Mr H Numeracy Session

Walt: Solve + and - by place value
So What:

Air Force Museum Trip

What: We had a visit to the air force museum.
So What: The most interesting part was learning about how planes work because we learned alit of new stuff like how wings actually lift the plane.


What: We have been learning about ANZAC day and how people commemorate the day.
So What: I've learnt that ANZAC day is public holiday in Nz. ANZAC stands ford Australia New Zealand Army Corps. On the 25 of April 1914 the troops landed at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. We celebrate ANZAC day by Remembering the troops that died in the war (Mainly Gallipoli). 2,431 people died from Nz in the war and 7,571 casualties. 50% of men from Nz went to war.
Photo Of  ANZAC Explanation Plan:


What: We have constructed a self-portrait based on what we will like to do when we're older
Now what: I would make the shape of my head a little more accurate, I would make my eyes the same shape.

Waipara Year 6 2015 Camp

Waipara PMI.
P: The water slide was fun.
M:Camp was very short it was only 3 days.
P: The obstacle course in krypton factor was fun.
I: The pool was actually a man made river/lake.
P: The piano keys activity with the canoes were fun
I: When we did the orienteering activity Alex and I got 20 minutes in the white course which is one minute after the Oakland's school record

Ma'a nonu Art

What: To draw a self portrait of Ma'a Nonu.
So What: We had to draw a self portrait of Ma'a Nonu. We had to draw the shape of the head. Then we had to draw the eyes, mouth and nose. Then we drew hair.
Now What: I can improve by making the shading better.

The Egg sitting challenge.

Why do we do this "egg sitting challenge"?: So we will be ready to be a Caregiver/Parent Why do we use an egg?: 1. Because it's fragile 2. Because it's basically like a baby


What: Create A graph to show information.
So what: Thing I have that makes my pie chart accurate: I have a title for my chart. I have got a key for my chart and I got the right fractions. Now what: Make the fractions more accurate, use different graphs.

Room 10 2015

My favourite things in Room 10.
1. SML. Where we can choose work to do. 2. Rockets and interceptors. A fitness game. 3.Hoop Ball. A fitness game.