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What: Walt: Describe how text features make reading interesting.
Now what: Try to have a clear voice and pay attention to the commas and full stops.

ANZAC Explanation

ANZAC Explanation

 World War One started in 1914 and ended in 1918. Millions of people died in that war. ANZAC day is a special day where Australians and New Zealanders remember the Kiwi and Australian men and women that died in those wars. Every year since 1915 we have been remembering them. 
Why is ANZAC day remembered?
 ANZAC day is a public and special day when New Zealanders and Australians commemorate those that died in the war. ANZAC day stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps which was created by a post office clerk. Half of the men from New Zealand went to war which affected families all over NZ. First the army went to Apia to get more soldiers, then they went to Cairo for training. Overall 2431 soldiers and 500 nurses died and 7571 got injured from NZ in World War One. 
 How is ANZAC day remembered?
 Every April 25th ANZAC day is remembered in NZ with special ANZAC day memorials and Dawn parades which are held in most NZ towns. Poppies are worn on ANZAC day to…

Wanted Poster

Self Awareness

What: Walt: Be more self aware in our learning and behaviour

So What: I am doing good at choosing the best place to learn and getting the right resources.
Now What: I still need to work on focusing on my learning.

Explain Me Maths

Aviation Plan

WALT: Write an explanation that explains how aviation changed over the years


What: We are learning to write neatly and legibly

So What: I have used effective slope and Size. Now What: What do you still need to work on, I still need to work on writing on the line