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Art Mural

What: We have been working with Room 1, 2 and 11 to complete our mural for the school.
So What: My group did Buzzy Bee and I was happy about the face and how it turned out.
Now What: I would take out the black mark on the lower left corner of the board and do another coat on the antenna and the ball.

Care Values

The care values I think I am particularly good at is excellence and respect because I can be nice to people. I think I need to work on community by getting involved with other school activity.

Te reo

What: We have been learning about "Te Huarere." The weather in Te reoSo What: We have been learning about how to say temperatures in Maori.  Now What: I still need to work on my pronunciation.

Alternative NZ Flags

I think that the flag should stay the same as we have now. There is no point in spending millions of money just to change the flag. So what if our flag kinda looks like the Australian flag. Soon our notes will end up looking like Australian notes. But if we would be changing flags my favourite one would be the second one.